How you can  loose weight effectively with use of exercise. Three kind of exercise if you engage in regularly and balance way may lead to  loss of weight as well as a healthy life.

  1. Aerobic exercise
  2. strength  training exercise
  3. Flexibility exercise

Aerobic exercise

It is also called cardiovascular exercise. Any kind of exercise which increase heart rate and make your breathing fast and deep is called cardiovascular exercise. Running, swimming , riding a bicycle and brisk walking as well as engaged in any faster work you become sweaty and increase heart rate are aerobic exercise.  Aerobic activity is main part of your balance workout plan in order to reduce weight. It increase metabolic rate and burn your fat and calories during and after exercise.

Aerobic exercise improve the body circulation and function of your heart and lungs. It may help you to be more active, less tired and healthy through out the day.Initially you can start with a simple walking  program and then gradually increase the duration type and speed of the the exercise.

Strength Exercises

Strong muscle help you to work and walk fast and effectively.Once you burn your fat with exercise you need to improve muscle mass and avoid loosing muscles.Lifting weight including dumbbell exercises as well as simple strength training work outs are comes under this category.

Grade 1 – Push up , Lunge , squat , plank exercise

Grade 2 – Biceps curl. Lateral raise. Triceps kickbacks, Bent row, Wall squat and Overhead press

Grade 3 – Stability ball push-up, Banded side step, Lunge with overhead extension, Lateral pulldown

Need to do a strength training workout 2-3 times per week.

Flexibility Exercises to Lose Weight

It is stretching. It does not take much time and can be done any amount of space.Stretching helps us to maintain good range of motion in our joints and helps our muscles to remain loose and healthy.It also improves range of motion, laxity, less pain with movement and balance. It also relieve stress.

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