Needs to control blood sugar , pressure, lipid, weight ,early identification and of complications and treat them early .

To achieve them , pharmacological management with metformin , sulfonylurea ,SGLT2I ,  DPP4I , GLP1 , acarbose , thiazolidine ,insulin  and combination

ACEI if high BP

statin for cholesterol target

lifestyle modifications is the key  like diet exercise safe alcohol no smoking with a target of 5-10% weight loss in 3-6 months .

diet 5 portion of veg and 3 portions of fruits per day low CHO, low fat diet , Consumption of cereal food and at least 1.5 serves/day of dairy foods

exercise 30 min/day 5 days a weeks minimum 150min/day arobic with 2-3 sessions / week of resistant exercise additionally not in consecutive days

alcohol <2 SD at least 2 alcohol free days with no Bing at all

no safe level for smoking

Target BP 130/80, HBA1C 7, TC 4 LDL 2

Compliance in medication adherence to life style alteration is very important

Refer podiatrist , optometrist ,dietitian diabetic educator exercise physiologist (PODDE) regularly under GPMP

HBA1C, EGFR , LP,  ACR, (HELA) annually , dilated fundus –yearly , foot 6 monthly ,

Diabetic cycle of care , hypoglycaemic action plan , HBSM , endocrinologist opinion where appropriate

complication management ,home hazards , occupational  issues , Driving , immunisation

assess CVS risk NAFILD Risk CKD risk