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Pharmacological options for management of Obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease producing an increasingly heavy burden on citizens, health care systems, workforce productivity, cities, and society at large. It should...

What is family Medicine ?

Welcome to the Department of Family Medicine website! As you browse through our site, you will find detailed information on our Residency Program as well as many other initiatives taking place within our department, including highlights from Research, Education and our innovative

Welcome to the Family Medicine page of PIJNEWS website! As you browse through our site, you will find detailed information on our CPD programs and many other activities  taking place within our site, including highlights from Research, Education and our innovative programs.

Help us to improve our GP site ..

PIJNEWS keep this area for general practice and our aim is to help and develop a kind of place to gather  general practitioners in Sri Lanka who are key of the patient management in a community setting .Your feedback, opinions and advice in order to improve our site is welcome always.In addition we also try to help patients and people who are interested in different topics as well as those who plan to sit for OET and PESCI in order to register in Australian Health Practitioners registration Agency.

History of Family Medicine Specialty

Historically doctors used to be generalist practitioners. However during the past fifty years, technological and scientific advances have brought exciting prospects in medicine. The fragmentation of medicine into subspecialties has produced advances in our understanding of diseases. Generalist mode of practice languished, while spectacular advances were made by subspecialists who were concentrated in pij2hospitals, with expertise in single organs, systems or diseases, in the performance of specific procedures or in the use of expensive and advanced equipment.New investigations including blood,biochemical,  radiology and genetic created a new era to disease diagnosis and monitoring. Read more.

Five domains of general practitioner

5 Domains of General Practitioners in Australia give a comprehensive framework to for ensuring that the key skill areas of general practice are included in education and training.


1.Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship (eg. communication skills, patient centredness, health promotion, whole person care)

2. Applied professional knowledge and skills (eg. physical examination and procedural skills, medical conditions, decision making)

3. Population health and the context of general practice (eg. epidemiology, public health, prevention, family influence on health, resources)

4 Professional and ethical role (eg. duty of care, standards, self appraisal, teacher role, research, self care, networks)

5 Organisational and legal dimensions (eg. information technology, records, reporting, confidentiality, practice management.)

Online learning

 This blended online learning program is delivered via the PIJ news with support of our general practitioners. Learning modules are planed to develop based on Sri Lankan general practice set up. All of you have free access to theses programs  Online tutorials are planned to deliver regularly by experts in the field in near future.Here you are given the patient and history. All what you need to do is manage the patient and check whether you managed him correctly



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Online learning

 This learning modules are also for our family doctors. In addition, tou can use this page during your day today practice. In this module you are given types of medications doses and side effects related to common illnesses. If you have any doubt about a drug you can get in to this program and learn.



Colon Cancer Screening